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Toad Hunter products are hand-crafted in New England.  Toad Hunter baits are made from quality components purchased from companies in the U.S.A.  Our lures can be made in any of the colors or styles you see on this page or mix & match blades and skirts to your liking.

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Our SPINNERBAITS are available in three sizes - 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz.  Head colors are black or white and the 3/0 or 4/0 mustad hooks are needle sharp.  All baits are equipped with a rolling snap for quick blade changes and colored glass beads add flash and a unique sound to make them a new favorite.


Our BUZZBAITS are made in two sizes - 1/4 and 3/8 oz. while the head colors and hook sizes are the same as our SPINNERS.  Toad Hunter BUZZBAITS are made in either standard or tandem style.  Our tandem delta blade design features counter-rotating blades of different size for a high and low pitch vibration.

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Toad Hunters WEEDLESS BUZZBAIT is made with a highly buoyant weedless prop which allows this bait to get to the surface with one turn of the reel handle.  It's made to fish slow through lilies and vegetation.  Available in 3/8 only.

Our SPLIT-RING BUZZER is broken on the bottom wire and rejoined via a split-ring, giving the fish 360° of travel once hooked, resulting in fewer lost fish when they get in the thick stuff.  Available in 1/4 only.



Toad Hunters WEEDLESS WALKER is a topwater type bait made with eagle-claw weedless treble hooks.  It is ideal for lily pads and sparse vegetation and has a better hook-up percentage than a rat or frog.  These bait come in three colors - shad/black back, shad/blue back and perch.  This bait can be made with regular (mustad) trebles



Toad Hunter jigs are designed for use in weeds.  Jig heads come in three colors - black/blue, white/silver and watermelon/black.  Jigs are sold in 3/8 oz. only and have a 4/0 mustad wide gap ultra-point hook.  We also feature a spinning trailer that can be added for swimming or drop fishing. 

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Toad Hunter uses Bio-Flexx® silicone skirts with 44 strand premium and classic colors.  Skirt colors are black/red, black/blue, watermelon baitfish, chartreuse/white, blue illusion, green ghost, gold shad and pearl white (not shown).


SPINNERBAIT BLADES are stocked in the following colors and styles:

Colorodo: #2, #4, #5    &   Willowleaf: #3.5, #4, #4.5, #5

Available colors: pearl, black, nickel, brass, copper, hammered nickel, hammered brass, hammered copper


Toad Hunter uses hollow metal or glass beads on our baits.  We use our discretion when selecting colors, but you are welcome to customize.  Glass beads are available in clear white, black, red, clear blue and chartreuse.

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